Bienvenue Tout le Monde

le premier marz


Bon jour mes cheries~

   Il y a longtemps since Nirvana has been seen…bad politics, scary celebrity news, mean people, and a general lack of inspiration caused her to retreat to the desert.  Alors, she’s baaaaaaaaack!

   Merci beaucoup pour your patience.  The time has come for my real identity to be exposed~and celebrated…Nirvana has risen from the ashes and “Operation Return to Glory” has been a rocking success.

  Je t’aime tous les gens qui have waited so patiently for my triumphant re~appearance.  Lots to report and my desire burns to commune with my select group toute suite…

   Avez une belle jour, enjoy life by living it to the fullest, and do not accept merde from anyone.

A bientot pour maintenant…

Kees, Kees


“The coolest chick you know…”

3 Comments on “Bienvenue Tout le Monde”

  1. Sara Holmes says:

    You are one of the coolest chicks I know🌞🌞🌞

  2. Reblogged this on The Nirvana Network and commented:
    Comment allez~vous, mes Cheries~ Do you crave to learn something more about Nirvana Stone? Welllllll, drumrolllllllllllll~ check out my introduction to ma novelle BLOG~ The Nirvana Network, News & Views by Nirvana Stone–the coolest chick you know…

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